Hydroblasting, Industrial Vacuuming and
Industrial Dredging Specialists

MDI Industrial Services specialises in the following areas;

  • Hydroblasting or High Pressure water Jetting Services

  • Industrial Vacuuming Services

  • Industrial Desludging / Dredging Operations

MDI ensures site compliance at all customer sites by:

  • Ensuring all staff are trained and competent in their respective areas.

  • MDI Safety System is up to date, audited and in line with the OHSAct.

Equipment List

  • Trailer mounted High Pressure Jetting Machines from 550bar to 2800bar

  • Truck mounted Vacuum Cleaning units

  • Trailer mounted Sludge Pumps

  • Dredging Equipment

Our Services


Hydroblasting is a technique for cleaning surfaces, which relies entirely on the energy of water striking a surface to achieve its cleaning effect. Abrasives are NOT used in hydroblasting systems. Read More

Truck Mounted Vacuuming Cleaning

Truck mounted vacuums have become a necessity for manufacturing operations that are outdoors and in remote areas. Industries include petroleum, wastewater treatment, sanitation, commercial aviation, agriculture and disaster clean up...Read More

Industrial Desludging /
Dredging operations

Our dredging services include the removal of all types of sediments in all sectors of industry.
This includes mines, estuaries, dams, lakes and more...Read More

Industrial Application of MDI Services

  • Process Pipe Cleaning

  • Heat Exchanger Cleaning

  • Ultra-High Pressure Cleaning of surfaces

  • Demolition work

  • Flood Damage Clean-up

  • Fire Damage Clean-up

  • Tank Cleaning – Without vessel entry

  • Spill Response

  • Boiler / Heat Exchanger Cleaning

  • Paint Stripping

  • Bund Area Cleaning

  • Clarifier Cleaning

  • Effluent Dam / Plant Cleaning

Integrated Management System Policy

MDI Management and employees play a vital role in our SHEQR Management Plan. We are committed to providing our staff and clients with: A Sound Safety Management, Quality and Risk Management System.

MDI uses the ISO 45000 management guidelines to self regulate and manage our business. To this end, MDI operates a SHEQ system in accordance to the SE standards. MDI SHEQ system is audited regularly by our clients who wish to do so. In this way, MDI gives full commitment to Total Quality Management, Environmental Management and adherence to the OHS Act.

Client Profile

MDI provides their services to the following industries from their operations base in Alton, Richards Bay:

Pulp and Paper Industry

Chemical Industry

Mining Industry

Petro chemical Industry

Sugar Industry

Town Municipalities


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